When I was eight years old my mother gave me my first Kodak camera. I immediately fell in love. I felt this strong urge to document the world around me, and I have been telling stories with a camera ever since. As a child, I was strongly influenced by the many photo albums my grandmother made of my mother's life. I was obsessed with these albums, and spent countless hours poring over them on my annual summer visits with my grandparents in Ohio. I loved peering into my mother's past, into a world I hadn't witnessed with my own eyes. I was riveted by this documentation of her life, and I soon also began filling album after album with photos of the people, places, and events from my daily life. It was through the creation of these albums that I developed a deep passion for telling stories.

By the age of fifteen, I already knew that I wanted to pursue a career in photography and at seventeen was accepted into Cornell University's Fine Arts Department, where I focused on photography, as well as painting, sculpture, and art history, all of which contributed to my development as an artist. A native New Yorker, I returned to the city after graduation and continued my studies at the International Center For Photography. During that time I also began assisting numerous portrait and fashion photographers, who greatly influenced my vision.

My love for storytelling inspired me to begin documenting meaningful events in other people's lives. My approach to shooting these events is to combine my ability to capture spontaneous, unguarded moments of and between people, with the occasional more traditional portrait, as well as to document the details and scenes that evoke a sense of place. The result is a story that celebrates the people, the emotions and the spirit of the day. My desire is to create images from events in others' lives that will endure through time, perhaps even in the form of their own photos albums. 

Currently I am based in Los Angeles, CA with my partner Leon and our two sweet cats, Gigi and Baby.